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.003 Test Drive Meme

The Fleet: Test Drive Meme.


1. Pick a prompt
2. Comment with your thread start, with your character name and fandom in the subject line.
3. Tag into other's threads.
4. Have fun!
5. What happens on the TDM defaults to staying on the TDM (it's not taken in game), unless all players involved agree AND you have mod approval to c&p the thread to the log comm. You must get mod approval.

**If you have questions, ask the Mods

Meme Prompts.

You've arrived! You've been seen by a coolly efficient (what you hope is a) medical professional - after all they did give you a shot of something. Then you were handed a slew of things you're still trying to process - communication devices, a ring (which is also a key?), a piece of transparent film that's flashing information. And clothing, that was a thoughtful gesture. And then there was the explanation - You've been taken (isn't that a nice way of saying 'kidnapped') by that floating orb of light, you can't leave, but while you're here you get room and board. Is that really a fair trade? Oh, and to top everything off, you have a set of gem like stones set into your chest, that you can't remove.

Before you know it, you've moved with the crowd towards the shuttle and now that you are sitting down, it's now suddenly sinking in.

You are so very far from home.

[NOTE: Please note that the actual arrival process is different from the above scenario - please see the New Arrivals Page for a detailed explanation of the actual arrival process.]

~ ~

You’re hungry, and though the smells coming from the cafeteria are strange, they are alluring. The grumble in your belly tells you it’s worth chancing.

~ ~

[Multipurpose Common Area]
You’re bored but haven’t quite worked up the courage to venture out into the greater parts of the station. The common area of the residential community seems like it might provide some distractions. And the view out the large windows lining one wall is simply stunning.

~ ~

[The Center Station Central Gardens]
In an environment where spatial expansion is finite, it seems extravagant to house a garden this big. What looks like giant trees at first glance, turn outo be the wire structures that rise up six stores before fanning out actually house various breeds of creeping vines. There are two levels of raised walkways that wind around the vine structures. The ground level also wraps lazily through various plots of vegetation. There is enough variety of plants here to keep anyone interested for hours.

~ ~

[Cemetery Ring]
If you’re in more for a somber atmosphere, the Cemetery Ring is open to everyone.

The first sign posted outside the door reads "We are the lights that shines brightest against the night." The sign below it simply says "All are welcome."

This wide corridor, that traverses the whole very top of the Inner Rings, is dimly lit, but pinpoints of light twinkle all over the wall. The wall juts out in an effort to create more surface area for memorials to those Owmi who have passed on to the next life since the Owmi started their nomadic journey.

The peacefulness of the room is inviting.

~ ~

[Planet Exploration: Baj E'oku Prime - current plot]

A new opportunity! No longer do you need to wander the giant space Habitat Station. You now get the opportunity to explore a section of the planet Baj E'oku Prime. It's small, tidal locked planet. The area you can explore is dusty and red with surprising wild life. There are canyons and highlands, rivers and caves to explore. (See link for greater details.) What adventures or trouble will you find?

~ ~

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The Doctor| Doctor Who| OTA

[personal profile] lastoftimelords 2016-07-09 11:43 pm (UTC)(link)

The Doctor doesn't know what is wrong with him. He feels queasy in the stomach. On top of that, were his clothes off like that? What happened to his clothes? A simple shirt and pants won't do. It will sufficient but he like that suitcoat and that trenchcoat.

"My T.A.R.D.I.S? Where is she? My sonic screwdriver! I really like my sonic screwdriver." The Doctor pouts rather cutely.

Questions circle Ten's head so many questions. One of the objects given to The Doctor bothers him. Those earplugs as he stares at those in complete distrust. He also has no way of verifying or not that these are Cyberman earplugs.

The Doctor feels his chest. He can feel the gem in the shape of the T.A.R.D.I.S. What is going on? This feels like it goes to the bone.

"Blimey. What is going on?"

[Multipurpose Common Area]

The Doctor is in the room as he is analysing all the star charts he can find. He should know where they are. Shouldn't he?

The more Ten analyzes the more his double hearts pound in his chest. This is frightening and exciting because he doesn't know this star system.


Give me something and I'll roll with it.
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eyes_of_the_storm: (Distance shot)

"Saved from the evil earphones" is a go XD

[personal profile] eyes_of_the_storm 2016-07-10 07:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Finn has been cautiously exploring the immediate areas of this new place in which he's found himself. It was so strange, having so much time on his hands. It was an experience as alien as the rest of all this, having grown up from before his earliest recollections in a tightly regimented military cadre. Not wanting to miss anything that might give him more information about this new place, he'd taken to wearing the earphones that he'd been issued.

He came around a corner into a space marked "Multipurpose Common Area". Huh. He spotted the man across the way and slowly approached.

"Hey. Can you really read those things?" He could to an extent, but he'd only had cursory education on them.

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Common area

[personal profile] princess_weia 2016-07-11 03:46 am (UTC)(link)
Leia had just finished her homework and had been planning to spend her free time until supper reading in the common area. But when she arrived there, she found someone she wasn't expecting. One of the newest arrivals was there, sitting at a table with a stack of datapads that seem to contain star charts next to him. And given what she was feeling from him, something about them had him very unsettled.

Hoping she could help, she headed over his way. "Excuse me," she said, "but what are you looking at there? Star charts?"

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The (Fourth) Doctor | Doctor Who

[personal profile] helloiamthedoctor 2016-07-15 10:46 pm (UTC)(link)
[ For the first time in what seems like forever, the Doctor is at a loss for words. No TARDIS, no K9, no sonic screwdriver, and... no scarf. Oddly enough, it is the latter that he misses most of all. Ever since that sweet old lady went wild and used every scrap of yarn he had obtained for her, he feels almost naked without that twenty-foot striped security blanket. The fact that he's no longer actually naked is some small comfort to him, but he can't entirely shake a feeling of vulnerability. ]

"Well. No sense in feeling all lost and helpless. First step in not being lost is to find out more about where you are. Adopt, adapt, and improve, as Arthur used to say."

[ And with that he heads off, flowing with the foot traffic like the well-practiced traveler of the London Underground that he is. Out of habit he reaches into his right hand pocket and his face falls as he comes up empty. ]

"What I wouldn't give for some jelly babies right now..."
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[personal profile] lastoftimelords 2016-07-15 11:12 pm (UTC)(link)
[Meanwhile, the other Doctor is wandering around and enjoying every moment of it. As Ten is looking for answers for what happened to the Tardis, where exactly in space this place is and trying to sniff anything off. There is definitely something 'off' when he hears jelly babies. The Time Lord turns in the direction of the voice and that face. He knows instantly that there must be a time vortex around here. He certainly didn't expect to meet a former self here.]

"Hallo. You're looking a bit lost. Can I help you?"

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Re: The (Fourth) Doctor | Doctor Who

[personal profile] princess_weia 2016-07-17 02:02 am (UTC)(link)
What's a jelly baby?

[If he looks for the source of the voice, he'll follow it down to a little girl about six years old who's looking up at him with curious brown eyes.]
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Gellert Grindelwald || Harry Potter

[personal profile] darklycharming 2016-07-30 12:26 pm (UTC)(link)
It had been a few days since young Gellert Grindelwald had found himself in this unexpected situation. Despite being so rudely stolen from his life and his quest - he was currently on the trail of the Elder wand and thought that he was close to finding its location - Gellert was ever the optimist and, undaunted, he decided that he could use this time productively. Maybe there were more clues to be found that could lead him to the other Deathly Hallows.

Exploring had lead him to the Central Gardens and it was with a delighted laugh that he looked up and around at all the greenery. Even though the actual plant types were different, it reminded him of the days and nights he'd spent wandering the forests near to his childhood home in Bavaria. He'd often enjoyed the freedom and wildness there. This didn't hold the same sense of danger and darkness but it was refreshing, nonetheless. He preferred the outdoors to being cooped up inside - even if this was a faux outdoors.

He ran a hand along one of the vines, tapped at the trunk of a tree - and found the artificiality. Curious, he examined the wire structure further and began tugging at the vines to uncover more.

[ooc notes: This version of Grindelwald is in his early twenties. Feel free to begin your own setting scenario in common area, etc, if you want to do that instead.]
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To say Regulus had been displeased when the name of one of the most infamous wizards in history appeared on the list of new arrivals had been an understatement. Honestly, he would have been perfectly alright to keep avoiding the man until he had figured out how he wanted to proceed.

And yet it didn't occur to him to be wary of the young stranger he ran into in the gardens, though it was obvious he wasn't Owmi. But Grindelwald, when Regulus thought of him he thought of the pictures from the war in his history books, not of a man a few years older than himself.

"I don't think the Owmi approve of vandalism," he remarked as he approached the man, lips quirked into an amused grin.

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Amanda Perry | Stargate Universe

[personal profile] miss_brilliant 2016-08-28 09:34 pm (UTC)(link)
[Central Gardens]

It was fortunate, Amanda thought, that she was used to the surreal--the downright insane, as she'd put it to Nick not that long ago. That wasn't to say she wasn't shocked and a little frightened--nothing in any of her study of the Ancients or any other alien species had given her any frame of reference to draw on for that ball of light and everything else she was being told--but she was also, quite honestly, awestruck. She never could have dreamt something like this would be possible, leaving Earth in her body instead of having to take control of someone else's.

Maybe that was why, along with a healthy suspicion of technology and a people she didn't yet understand entirely, she'd passed on the initial offer Whomever had spoken to her about it--to have her body healed. She felt secure enough for the moment that she could get by here as she was, and she'd spent most of her adult life (and her adolescence, actually) fighting to prove she could do anything another person could, that she wanted to at least try to take in this experience with the body she'd lived in for the last two decades.

So, here she was, wandering--or wheeling, perhaps, moving her chair with soft breaths of air into the plastic straw--through the gardens. Even if her head could only lift up so far, her eyes were alight with wonder as she gazed at the flora around her, and while she still couldn't feel anything below her chin she definitely felt the near-face splitting grin stuck on her face. She still might have wished to touch the bark and leaves, to really feel this strangely beautiful place, not to mention the odd stones near her heart --but being able to breathe in the scents and take in the sights with her own nose and eyes were still more than she ever could have dreamed possible. She was so entranced by what her senses could take in that she was hardly aware of anyone else who might be nearby.

[ooc: for the 99.9% of people not familiar with her canon, Amanda's chair setup looks like this]
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A smol child appears

[personal profile] ignite_the_stars 2016-08-28 10:05 pm (UTC)(link)
The twelve year old boy sitting on one of the benches, kicking his feet, thought the garden was neat, too. All this green in one place, packed inside a singular space station. Before he'd left Tatooine, he'd never thought this much green could exist in one spot anywhere in space.

But his eyes never stayed on one thing for long, and he itched to move more than anything, he spotted the woman in the mechanical chair moving along the path and it took him only a second to realize she was a new arrival. She looked solidly human, definitely not Owmi. And because of that, he instantly felt an affinity towards her - another kiddnapee like himself.

He hoped up and moved towards her.

"Oh hey," Anakin said, offering a childish wave. "You must be new."

re: A smol child appears

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Re: A smol child appears

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Re: A smol child appears

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A smol child appears

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Re: A smol child appears

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Re: A smol child appears

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suddenly jedi

[personal profile] how_uncivilized 2016-08-28 11:30 pm (UTC)(link)
People always found themselves in the magnificent gardens the ship held, It was soothing and alive, and the older man simply smiled as he came across the young woman. It was obvious why she was so enthralled, the gardens were such a unique place that even he felt drawn there.

Wandering down the path he made his way over, offering her a warm smile.

"It's magnificent the amount of flora they keep alive on this ship, isn't it?"

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Re: suddenly jedi

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An even smoller child appears

[personal profile] princess_weia 2016-08-31 05:21 am (UTC)(link)
Leia had been sitting amid a patch of flowers just outside her 'secret base', practicing narrowing her focus in the Force to just the flowers when a new presence approached. She glanced up and saw a woman in what looked like an elaborately designed rolling chair equipped with life support functions. Leia had never seen a contraption quite like it; she knew that various kinds of hover chairs and platforms existed for the elderly, those who were badly injured or ill, or those who were simply to heavy and ungainly to move easily on their own (Orn Free Taa, the fat Senator from Ryloth, came immediately to mind), but she'd never seen one up close before.

She was also curious about why the woman was in the chair to begin with; she must have been injured at some point, but Leia couldn't pick it up in the Force. For all the apparent frailty of the woman's body, her life Force was as vibrant as any in the garden. And Leia could feel the woman's unabashed joy and wonder radiating off her in waves. She grinned; she liked this woman already.

Abandoning the flower bed for the moment, Leia went over to greet the obvious newcomer. "Hi," she said, giving her a friendly little wave. "Did you just arrive?" It was obvious she had, but it seemed like the right thing to ask.
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Sabé - The Phantom Menace

[personal profile] loyalprotection 2016-09-04 09:29 pm (UTC)(link)
Sabé's concern was where her blaster had gone off to. She always had one strapped to her leg for any situation they would need to face. The fact that she had managed to get onto this ship and was processed so quickly had her concerned. She had only just left the celebrations uniting them with the Gungans. And she was on her way with the others to wish Ani well on his journey to become a jedi. And now this.

The medical professional was quick and efficient in their job. And the things that she tried to balance in her arms were handed over so quickly that she barely caught what it was they were telling her before she was hauled away again. A communication device, perhaps she could fashion it to be on the same channels as the others and Panaka would send a ship to her quickly. The ring was a curious device, seemed to be a way to get doors to open in and around everywhere. As her eyes scanned over the information about her kidnappin--

"Kidnapping?!" she cried out indignantly.

It had been a long several days and now there was kidnapping. Truly, there was no day of rest for them. No. She could not give up. Not yet. Already, her mind began to work to figure out how to rewire the communications device to be able to send a coded message to Panaka and Amidala. Surely, they would send a rescue ship out for her.
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enjoy a smol Anakin

[personal profile] ignite_the_stars 2016-09-04 11:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Anakin had to run to make it onto the shuttle just before the doors shut. There'd finally been a name on the list of new arrivals that he knew and he didn't want to miss her.

He was still small for his age, there was only so much catch-up growing he could do in two years under the care of the Jedi. But he was just as energetic and bright as he was when Sabé had met him two years prior.

"Sabé!" he called out to her, hoping his voice would carry above the crowd that was filing into the seats. He squeezed between two people in search of the person he knew. "Sabé!" he called again, still trying to look around the people. "It's me, Anakin!"

smol ani!

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Re: smol ani!

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[personal profile] politicallyinclined 2016-09-04 11:56 pm (UTC)(link)
She needn't send a message. Padmé was present to greet her and she couldn't help but smile sympathetically at her outcry.

"I felt the same way."

At the time, though, she had been exhausted and confused by other matters. Perhaps that had helped her accept her new reality better. (Though seeing Anakin, little Leia, Obi-Wan and Bail had certainly helped too!)

Sabé may notice that the once Queen looked older and, unfortunately, sadder. It was as if a lifetime stood between her and her handmaiden.

"What do you last remember?" she gently reached for Sabé's hands.

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princess_weia: (Gotta do this myself)

Enjoy Anakin's even smoller daughter XD

[personal profile] princess_weia 2016-09-05 08:12 am (UTC)(link)
Leia had been excited to see Sabé. True, she wasn't actually a part of Leia's family, blood or adopted, but she was still someone Leia cared about and was eager to see her again and introduce her to everyone. Wouldn't she be surprised to see Anakin and everybody!

But by the time she spots someone who might be Sabé, it's almost too late, and Leia is the only one who makes it onto the shuttle with her. After a quick comm to her daddy that she'd meet him at the docking port after he caught the next shuttle over, she approached Sabé. If she was Sabé; the girl felt mostly like her, but was much younger than the Sabé she knew. Maybe it was time weirdness again?

Only one way to find out, she guessed. "Sabé?", she greeted somewhat uncertainly.

so smol! XD

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loveseggos: (pic#10622664)

Eleven frm Stranger Things | Common Area

[personal profile] loveseggos 2016-09-25 12:08 am (UTC)(link)
Everything felt unbalanced. It seemed as if someone had taken everything she had come to know and shake it up and toss it everywhere. One thing for sure was this was no longer the world she knew. Eleven quickly put together that she was in on board a ship that can sail through stars. She didn't quite understand why or the reasoning why she woke up in this strange place. She did know that the boys who became her friends would have loved to hear her story. If she could get home.

One thing she did note was that everything was quite...She didn't have the extra chaos she was used to dealing with. Something about this ship kept her from accessing her powers. Right now she wasn't sure how to feel on the matter if this was a good thing or a bad thing. Or if this ship was doing more tests on her. For now she would adjust and seek out answers.

The clothes she had been given almost reminded her of the hospital gown she had grown used to wearing. She missed the pink dress she was given to wear, even though her shaved head stuck out. The dress was in a way a promise of a new life to her and a sign of acceptance.

Quietly El padded her way down the corridors in her bare feet. She took note to carefully pay attention to her surroundings wanting to not get lost. Soon she found herself amidst an area with large windows. She couldn't help but marvel at the view they had to offer and soon forgot herself. After all, it was easy to over look someone like her. She had never seen so many stars before in her life and it almost seemed like she could reach out and touch one, but she knew she couldn't.
hero_with_no_fear: (Bitty Ani 005)

Bitty Ani!

[personal profile] hero_with_no_fear 2016-09-28 12:48 am (UTC)(link)
Anakin carried a box of random mechanical and electronic parts and tools with him into the common area. His intention was to claim one of the tables and set to work on... well, he'd figure that out when he started unpacking the box.

But the common area wasn't empty and the new occupant - a child that looked to be close in age to him - was standing at the window.

This was a complete distraction.

Human children were a rarity around here.

He set his box on the table and then approached the girl.

"Hey," he said, trying to get her attention. "I'm Anakin. What's your name?"

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lastoftimelords: (Faith)

[personal profile] lastoftimelords 2016-09-28 08:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Ten meanwhile, is out and stretching his legs. Now, where he is slowly getting over, the truth from the previous he still hasn't made it a point to bother someone. That is until he sees her. Slowly, he approaches the child. He is glad however, this place finally gifted him his blue pin striped.

"Hallo thar." As Ten gives her a smile, "How are you?"

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Kara Danvers (Zor'El) | Supergirl

[personal profile] supersunny 2016-10-31 02:41 am (UTC)(link)
[Planet Exploration]

This is all strange - granted, not as strange as it could be considering that Kara was an alien from Krypton who took refuge on Earth and had visited a bunch of other places off-planet before her parents sent her off. She wasn't always superstrong, couldn't always fly, seeing through walls wasn't normal and all of the other abilities she picked up on Earth under the yellow sun. Once Kara had been an ordinary little girl who was just as weak as all of the girls were on Earth but it has been a long time since she's been 'like the other girls'.

Kara had been super. Literally. Except for that one time in the last few months when she'd been regular for almost three full days. She hadn't liked it then and she didn't like it now. But she isn't about to let it stop her from exploring this new planet.

Never before had Kara heard of the Owmi not that it was surprising considering the size of the universe (and multiple versions of the universe). While she was curious to find out more about them, Kara was also interested in exploring new worlds - she might as well as long as she's out here in space. Maybe she's also hoping that the rays of the yellow sun will absorb into her skin and grant her all of the extraordinary abilities she had on Earth.

Which it does not. It's a red sun and that has Kara simply standing there looking towards it, a hand shielding most of the harmful rays.

"Almost reminds me of home."
princess_weia: (Gotta do this myself)

Re: Kara Danvers (Zor'El) | Supergirl

[personal profile] princess_weia 2016-11-02 03:04 am (UTC)(link)
Leia had been curious about the newcomer for awhile, but this would be her first opportunity to talk to her. Unfortunately, she's not sure if she wants to be bothered; the newcomer was just standing off by herself, staring at the sun. Wait... staring at the sun? Hadn't people told Leia about that?

She walked up to the young woman and looked up at her. "You know you shouldn't look right at a sun like that," Leia said. "It'll hurt your eyes."
forcehidden: (What's stang?)

Ben Skywalker | Star Wars (Legends)

[personal profile] forcehidden 2016-10-31 03:18 am (UTC)(link)

It's weird, not being able to feel the Force. All his life it's been there - a galaxy worth of pain and suffering enough to make Ben want to run and hide. Well, running wasn't exactly something he could do to escape all of it but he could hide. That was something he'd gotten so good at that not even his parents could sense him through the Force. Part of him is relieved that it's gone and another part aches where it used to be. Even though Ben never actively reached out through the Force most of his life, it was always there - it was a familiar thing even though it was far from being a comfort.

Plus he was starting to not be so afraid, letting his cousin teach and train him. Worse, it means he can't hide. Anyone who was a Jedi could sense him and that might not be a bad thing if it weren't for the fact that nearly everyone from his galaxy was essentially a stranger. At least, people he had never really met before. With the exception of Aunt Leia but she was even younger than he was. Otherwise they were all names that were associated with history.

Sure, personal family history that he learned up growing about them but it was different when actually faced with those people. Maybe that's why Ben is simply sitting in the cafeteria pushing around some bright red creamy substance on his tray. It has nothing to do with the fact that he has no idea what it is.

"If I mix this with the blue stuff, I wonder if I'll be able to taste purple."

That's right, resort to sarcasm when all else fails.

[Planet Exploration]

A brand new planet with no Nanna droid hovering over his shoulder telling him to get back into the ship? No parents to say that he shouldn't be climbing the rocky structures? No cousin to try to drill all of that Jedi training into him? Oh yeah, Ben definitely likes this. For the time being Ben leaves scaling the rocks for later and can be found knee-deep in one of the rivers.

He's rolled up his pant legs but doesn't care much for the fact that they are starting to get damp as he wades deeper. Actually part of Ben's shirt sleeves are wet too as he kept reaching beneath the water in order to grab at items that can be seen beneath the sparkling surface. When he successfully managed to grab something, Ben can be found examining.

"Nope, not this one. Too boring." With that he threw the rock into the water - allowing it to skip across the top of the surface.

Again he's back at it, examined the next one with careful scrutiny before holding it up for the nearest person to get a good look at it. In his hand is a shiny and strange rock, one that glistened when the sunlight moved across it.

"What do you think? It looks stellar."
Edited 2016-10-31 03:19 (UTC)
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Re: Ben Skywalker | Star Wars (Legends)

[personal profile] lepos 2016-11-02 12:15 am (UTC)(link)
Lily saw the younger boy with the red hair and couldn't help by feel an affinity towards him. Redheads unite, and all that. Plus, he must be new, she'd never seen him before.

"I don't think that's how it works," she said as she set her tray down and claimed a seat.

"Hi, I'm Lily. You must be new."

(no subject)

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Planet exploration!

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If there's one thing Leia shared with her future nephew, it was the enjoyment of not having adults telling you what to do. Leia too has opted for wading in the river, though not quite as far as Ben; water that was up to Ben's knees went almost the whole way up her legs, after all, and she wanted to wade, not swim.

But she was still close enough to get a good look at Ben's discovery. "Oooh!", she said, clearly impressed. "It's really pretty! What kind of stone do you think it is?"

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( by no means would byomkesh bakshi consider himself "a perfect man." a man who tries to do good most days, sure, but he's no rama. of his (admittedly numerous) shortcomings, the two most apparent is his love of tea and his nicotine addiction, the latter of which he had been trying to sate for the past hour. already, he's been up and down the corridors, stopping to ask any passersby for a cigarette. so far, no dice.

the mystery as to where he is exactly and how he arrived is yet unexplored. that's a question left for after his smoke break... and tea. mysteries such as these require deep thought and a copious amount of cigarettes.

the scent of food wafting from down the corridor initially draws his attention. then, as he comes closer, the faint hum of activity is audible. so he straightens his dhoti and enters the cafeteria. right now, the likelihood of cigarettes is pretty low, but surely this place has tea. right? )
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Enjoy a small child

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Anakin, a boy of twelve, but who looked short for his age, stepped in line behind the man. He could tell right away that he was new. He didn't look Owmi and there weren't too many humans on the station.

"Nothing was sentient," he said, trying to be helpful, and partially trying to get the line moving faster. He was hungry after all. "Even though they did kidnap us, the Owmi seem to really dislike abusing sentients. Mostly. They still kidnapped us." No, Anakin didn't accept the explanation given to them upon arrival, that the Owmi weren't really behind everything. But, he wasn't so wrapped up in his distrust of them that he didn't notice things like this. "They even think droids are sentient."